Summer Peach Martini

As any of you with babies know, date nights change after birth. They aren’t as frequent and sometimes baby goes along with you. A few times we have gone up to the hostess at the Keg or Moxie’s for ‘table for two… and a half’. For us, in this case, three is NOT a crowd. We love bringing Baby S with us everywhere.

Even still, the other night I wanted to plan a nice evening in, that felt like a restaurant and movie date, without the big bill and bundling the baby out and about. My husband and I both LOVE Milestones. So I decided to bring Milestone’s to us. I tried three new recipes, two of which were Milestone’s copycats, and one Martha recipe. Now I’ve never said this in my life, but everything actually turned out PERFECT! I think my oven knew that I was trying to be romantic.

First we started off with a drink. I really wanted to make Milestone’s famous Bellini, however I didn’t have all of the ingredients (its a pretty high maintenance recipe. I don’t always have champagne AND sangria on tap!), so I made my own version which I won’t call a Bellini, but a Summer Peach Martini because I feel we will be having these a lot in the coming months.

Recipe after the jump…

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That’s one costly cupcake!

In honor of cupcake day, I want to share with you a few of the world most expensive cupcakes.

Decadence d’Or

Chef: Chef Long Nguyen

Where to Buy: Pallazo Resort, Las Vegas

Features: 100 year-old Louis XIII de Remy Martin   Cognac, Palmira Single Estate Chocolate from the  rare Porcelain Crillo bean, Tahita Gold Vanilla Caviar and edible gold flakes.

Price: $750



Mervis Fantasy Diamond Cupcake

Where to Buy: Special order through Mervis Diamond Importers

Features: Topped with eight ideal cut round brilliant diamonds around its circumference and a two carat Asscher cut diamond in the center.

Price: $30,000



ROX Diamond Cupcake

Chef: Cupcake Glascow

Where to Buy: Nowhere 😦 Created for ‘Glam in the City’ fashion event that happened in 2010.

Features: A beautiful cupcake sprinkled with over 25cts of diamonds!

Price: $150,000 (!)



Here’s my question… what do you do with the diamonds when you are done eating the cupcake?

Which one is your favorite?

Cupcake Day!

I LOVE cupcakes. I want to share with you a small gallery of beautiful cupcakes. I am not going to lie and tell you I made them, because I certainly did not. My goal for this year is to get better at baking, so keep checking back for my own cupcake trials. I am currently mastering making fondant, which I will post a how-to in a few days. For now, we can all drool over these cupcakes…

(I am on a big smores kick right now, so I think the first I will try will be that one!)

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My Baby Story – Part 1

As soon as my husband and I got married we both knew immediately that we wanted a baby and started trying right away.

Within a few months I was pregnant!

The first couple of months were pretty uneventful. I was very excited, but so early in the pregnancy you don’t have a belly and there aren’t many changes yet. Minus the morning sickness. And the mid-day sickness. And the afternoon sickness. And the evening sickness. I had the WORST case of morning sickness. My stomach became instantly sensitive. If I was too hot, I was sick, certain foods made me sick, certain smells made me sick. I felt like I was sick all the time. I heard all the tricks in the book to help calm my stomach, none of which worked, but in the long run I knew it would all be worth it so I stuck with it.

I had a OBGYN that had an extremely busy office and we would have to go and wait 2 hours every time we went in for our ‘scheduled’ appointment. I didn’t really enjoy going to see her because I felt that we were always so rushed and it always made everything a lot less exciting than I would have liked it. Half way through my pregnancy we moved to a different city closer to my family, so I was able to switch doctors. Best move! My new OBGYN was absolutely amazing. He was so happy and kind, we never had to wait for our appointments and he took the time to talk to us about the baby and what to expect. I was very happy to know that he would be delivering my baby.

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Friday Homes – Mark Wahlberg

I’ve watched a couple episodes of Million Dollar Homes and I would never even THINK of what some of these people have in their houses. Millionaires have the coolest houses. I mean they aren’t cozy and warm homes (how would you even find each other in the size?) but they sure have the tricks to make you WOW.

Anyhow, I want to share some homes with you that I come across that I think are awesome, this week starting with Mark Wahlberg. Continue reading

Let’s just get it over with…

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what a first blog post should be about. Frankly, it’s like a first date. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. We could sit here together and share some excruciatingly boring facts about our lives. Seen any movies recently? Do you have any siblings? Where are you from? I could tell you how HAPPY I am to meet you. I could bring out all my biggest and best moves to impress you.

But I say we skip all of that. No one really likes first dates anyway.

Let’s just get it over with and move on the to the second. Skip the boring and move on to why we are really here.

Nice to meet you 🙂