Friday Homes – Mark Wahlberg

I’ve watched a couple episodes of Million Dollar Homes and I would never even THINK of what some of these people have in their houses. Millionaires have the coolest houses. I mean they aren’t cozy and warm homes (how would you even find each other in the size?) but they sure have the tricks to make you WOW.

Anyhow, I want to share some homes with you that I come across that I think are awesome, this week starting with Mark Wahlberg.

Size: 33,000sqft

Price: $14M+

Location: Beverly HillsMark’s house has 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, a full chefs kitchen, dining room, living room, screening room, a putting green (for real!), basketball court, pool, waterfall, grotto and a 2500sqft gym.

The gym is large enough and equipped for an entire football team, all for Mark! In the gym there is a boxing ring which is the same boxing ring that he used in his movie ‘The Fighter’.

Outside, he has a full sized basketball court with the Boston Celtics logo in the center and benches on the side lines. FUN FACT: One of the benches he has, is a prop from his show ‘Entourage’.

Here are some pictures…

Did I mention it was for sale…


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