My Baby Story – Part 1

As soon as my husband and I got married we both knew immediately that we wanted a baby and started trying right away.

Within a few months I was pregnant!

The first couple of months were pretty uneventful. I was very excited, but so early in the pregnancy you don’t have a belly and there aren’t many changes yet. Minus the morning sickness. And the mid-day sickness. And the afternoon sickness. And the evening sickness. I had the WORST case of morning sickness. My stomach became instantly sensitive. If I was too hot, I was sick, certain foods made me sick, certain smells made me sick. I felt like I was sick all the time. I heard all the tricks in the book to help calm my stomach, none of which worked, but in the long run I knew it would all be worth it so I stuck with it.

I had a OBGYN that had an extremely busy office and we would have to go and wait 2 hours every time we went in for our ‘scheduled’ appointment. I didn’t really enjoy going to see her because I felt that we were always so rushed and it always made everything a lot less exciting than I would have liked it. Half way through my pregnancy we moved to a different city closer to my family, so I was able to switch doctors. Best move! My new OBGYN was absolutely amazing. He was so happy and kind, we never had to wait for our appointments and he took the time to talk to us about the baby and what to expect. I was very happy to know that he would be delivering my baby.

Ultrasounds were one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. There was nothing better than seeing your little peanut up on that screen while they are growing inside of you. The first ultrasound makes it all feel real. You know they are growing there, but when you actually get to see, it changes EVERYTHING. The most exciting ultrasound was the gender reveal! I remember my husband and I drove to the doctors office and the technician did all the tests she needed but told me that my bladder wasn’t full enough so she wouldn’t be able to give me a sure answer on gender and that we would have to come back. 5 months leading up to that and I didn’t drink enough! When my husband came in she showed us the baby and all its parts and informed us that she thinks its a GIRL! My husband and I were thrilled. We both wanted a beautiful baby girl. Now we were faced with waiting another week to find out for sure. Our second appointment ended up falling right on my birthday. We went back and through the whole rigmarole again and the technician confirmed, a girl. Best birthday present I could have imagined. As soon as we left, we went straight to the mall and bought a dress for our future baby girl.

To be continued…


One thought on “My Baby Story – Part 1

  1. babramblings says:

    Congrats! My husband and I did the same thing after our gender consultation – ran out and bought something. So exciting!

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