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Summer Peach Martini

As any of you with babies know, date nights change after birth. They aren’t as frequent and sometimes baby goes along with you. A few times we have gone up to the hostess at the Keg or Moxie’s for ‘table for two… and a half’. For us, in this case, three is NOT a crowd. We love bringing Baby S with us everywhere.

Even still, the other night I wanted to plan a nice evening in, that felt like a restaurant and movie date, without the big bill and bundling the baby out and about. My husband and I both LOVE Milestones. So I decided to bring Milestone’s to us. I tried three new recipes, two of which were Milestone’s copycats, and one Martha recipe. Now I’ve never said this in my life, but everything actually turned out PERFECT! I think my oven knew that I was trying to be romantic.

First we started off with a drink. I really wanted to make Milestone’s famous Bellini, however I didn’t have all of the ingredients (its a pretty high maintenance recipe. I don’t always have champagne AND sangria on tap!), so I made my own version which I won’t call a Bellini, but a Summer Peach Martini because I feel we will be having these a lot in the coming months.

Recipe after the jump…

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