Summer Peach Martini

As any of you with babies know, date nights change after birth. They aren’t as frequent and sometimes baby goes along with you. A few times we have gone up to the hostess at the Keg or Moxie’s for ‘table for two… and a half’. For us, in this case, three is NOT a crowd. We love bringing Baby S with us everywhere.

Even still, the other night I wanted to plan a nice evening in, that felt like a restaurant and movie date, without the big bill and bundling the baby out and about. My husband and I both LOVE Milestones. So I decided to bring Milestone’s to us. I tried three new recipes, two of which were Milestone’s copycats, and one Martha recipe. Now I’ve never said this in my life, but everything actually turned out PERFECT! I think my oven knew that I was trying to be romantic.

First we started off with a drink. I really wanted to make Milestone’s famous Bellini, however I didn’t have all of the ingredients (its a pretty high maintenance recipe. I don’t always have champagne AND sangria on tap!), so I made my own version which I won’t call a Bellini, but a Summer Peach Martini because I feel we will be having these a lot in the coming months.

Recipe after the jump…


-1 small bottle of Sprite

-Peach drink crystals

-Package of raspberries

-4 oz. Vodka


1. Mix bottle of Sprite and peach crystals together to desired peach flavor in a freezable container (ice cube tray). You may like a strong sweet peach taste or something a little more subtle. Now your chance to make that move!

2. Put container in freezer and keep in freezer until fully frozen.

3. While that is freezing prepare your raspberry garnish. Take all but 4 or 5 raspberries from the container and blend until smooth (you may need to add a little water). Keep this aside until the end.

4. Once frozen, put frozen peach mix into a blender (I used my Magic Bullet) along with your Vodka (again you can make it stronger or weaker, to your preference).

5. Blend until smooth and pour into martini glasses.

6. Use a spoon to drizzle some of the raspberry mix onto the martini and top it off with a raspberry for garnish!


Appetizer and entree to follow soon….


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